Project Description
SPMeta2 is a fluent API for code-based SharePoint artifact provisioning.

Struggling with SharePoint's API inconsistency, bugs, "by-design" behaviour, unaffordable amount of time to write, support and upgrade WSP packages and XML, a team of passionate SharePoint professionals decided to come up with robust, testable and repeatable way to deploy such artifacts like fields, content types, libraries, pages and many more.

As an outcome, we created SPMeta2 - a .NET 4.5 library to provide fluent API for SharePoint 2013 artifact with SSOM/CSOM or JSOM for both on premise and O365 instances. Have a look around, check out get started links and more details about SPMeta. 


Current codeplex site is not being supported anymore.
Please, use as a main repository.

Get started!

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